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# Life Update
Friday, January 18, 2013 / permalink
So I went to the knee doctor finally and they said pretty much the same thing they always say, I have chondromalacia patella  so that was nothing new. My right kneecap is however a bit out of place, it's just roaming around lol. I also learned this time around that have weak hips and they aren't strong enough to support my knees. DAMN YOU HIPS! So I have been assigned physical therapy and I have to get special shoes. Oh the joy.

Don't worry these aren't boobs lol As you can see my right kneecap is not where it's supposed to be.

I actually did end up getting tickets for a NHL hockey game! My husband and I are hockey fans, so for our 5 year wedding anniversary (8 years together) I got use tickets to go see the Anaheim Ducks. We are both super excited!


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