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Thursday, November 1, 2012 / permalink
So I am 28 and I really haven't been that sure where my life has been going. Yes, I am married, yes I have various skills in various things, but even with all that it's been a weird road for me educationally speaking. So the very first time I started college,  I started pretty late (2006) by this time I was already 22, 4 years later than most people start college. I just got my GED then and picked early childhood education. I completed a semester and learned that I didn't really like little little kids. It's not that I don't like them, just that I don't find them as endearing as other people. So I then decided to do photography, I completed almost 2 years of that. I then decided, hey, this is costing me a lot of money I don't have, but really, what did I expect going to the art institute? Not only that but the job market was extremely bleak. I am a great animal lover. I love helping animals. I knew the road I wanted to take was to help animals. That's when I started school to become a veterinary technology student. I loved it. It was very stressful, but I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life. About 6 months into school I had to put my 18 year old cat Purrty to sleep. It was the hardest and most traumatizing event of my adult life. Even Though I loved animals, I had to stop my path to become a veterinary technician. I can't even think about a vet's office without getting a pang of panic and sadness. I knew I couldn't deal with that on a daily basis, sure I would be helping animals, but I don't have the guts for it. I really don't. So at this point my husband is pissed at me because I am already like $18,000 or more in debt from student loans. Now I think I want to go back to the education field. I want to do something I can do anywhere, and I was really good and creating curriculum (yes I did take classes before). I think I will keep this mostly to myself, because I don't want people to see me fail again. Every Time I decide something, I am always so optimistic, so I hope I can be 100% with this. So here is the coursework for the transfer program into Ashland University.

Fall Semester (First Year)
EDCT 281 Introduction to the Education Profession* (enrolled for January)
ENGL 161 College Composition I
PSYH 151 Introduction to Psychology (enrolled for January)
SDEV 101 College 101 ^
Arts and Humanities Elective
Science Elective

Spring Semester (First Year)
EDCT 264 Educational Technology
ENGL 162 College Composition II >
PSYH 253 Child Development > OR
PSYH 254 Adolescent Development >
SOCY 151 Introduction to Sociology
Electives (Concentration)

Fall Semester (Second Year)
EDCT 252 Principles of Learning and Teaching >
HSTR 151 Civilization I
Electives (Concentration)
Arts and Humanities Elective
Mathematics Elective
Spring Semester (Second Year)
EDCT 254 Individuals with Exceptionalities
EDCT 275 Social Issues in Education
SOCY 276 Race and Ethnicity
Lab Science Elective
Arts and Humanities Elective

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