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# Election
Thursday, November 1, 2012 / permalink
So today I got my voting on! There were surprisingly a lot of people out to vote early. I have no problems telling people who I voted for.............. OBAMA! Why? Because I am a woman; I would be half brain dead to vote for a guy who doesn't care anything about women!

This is what I posted on my facebook:

This is the last thing I will say about the election. If you think women are ignorant and we can't make our own choices, that we should not be paid as much as our brothers because we are female; our country should be run by people whose personal agenda is greater than that of the people in this country; a country founded on religious freedom should be ran by people whose religious views influence the masses on choices that have nothing to do with politics, want a government that would define traditional marriage as that between a man and a woman when NOTHING in this country is traditional and hasn’t been for a long time (hello everyone and their 8 marriages *wave*), would literally take away the only source of healthcare that the poor have leaving millions of children not able to see a doctor, you want to leave young mothers without any true options in an unwanted pregnancy, you want your veterans, the people who fight for you EVERY DAY who come home scarred with mental illness to be brushed to the side, you want your sister, daughter, mother, or wife who was raped to be told: “don’t worry, that was god’s will”, or “hey it was inevitable, you should have enjoyed it.” How about: “you could have shut down this rape if it was legitimate, your body has ways of doing that you know.” You want an administration that will see as nothing more than a number. AWESOME. Vote for Romney 2012. If your only reason to vote for Romney is to get that black guy out of the White House, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.

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