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# Movie Review: 388 Arletta Avenue
Saturday, November 3, 2012 / permalink


Randall Cole


Randall Cole


 Nick StahlMia Kirshner and Devon Sawa 

A young couple find themselves in an unnerving situation with a mysterious stalker.

This movie was okay. My husband and I saw it in the redbox and decided to watch it. I think the cool thing about this movie is that it has a wonderful way of building the suspense. Some things that bothered about the film were just some unrealistic aspects. Firstly, the husband in this movie (Nick Stahl) doesn't do anything a person would do if their loved one is missing. Yes he calls the police ,but then all of sudden he turns all weirdly psycho. I just don't think he acts how a normal person would act! So this is all filmed from a voyeuristic perspective, you know cameras everywhere that the stalker put up himself. The weird thing about it is that there are cameras EVERYWHERE, like in the speaker of  radio... who would do that? It's so unrealistic with the camera placement. The story was okay, the acting was really good, the ending was blah...

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