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# Movie Review: The Bling Ring
Friday, September 27, 2013 / permalink

The Bling Ring

If I believed in Jesus, I would be praying to Jesus to have the time spent watching this film back. This movie was SO bad. I love Emma Watson, but the poor dear girl was cast in a terrible.... terrible film. All the main characters sound like they are high 95% of the time. It's punishment to sit and watch. I don't understand how such a good movie premise ended up being such a lousy film. You have all these kids who rob celebrities. Sounds like a good idea......... just like lots of Mexican food is a good idea right up until you make a visit to the bathroom later on. This movie was so painful to sit through. The acting was bad, the script was HORRIBLE, and the movie looked like a washed out mess. Seriously save yourself the money on this. It was just terrible. I can't even say ENOUGH bad things about it. Marie Antoinette was really good, so I felt I could trust Sofia Coppola. *Sigh* Also the people who this movie is based on see like shitty people... so yeah.

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