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# Hanson- Anthem: Album Review
Thursday, June 20, 2013 / permalink

So I am listening to Hanson’s new album titled Anthem. I want to give a song by song review. I am a long time Hanson fan, and I am totally psyched for the new album. Spotify, being the amazing piece of software it is, has provided me with this album. My ears are ready to go!

Track #1: Fired Up

Initial Reactions: This has a funky feel to it, kind of a late 70’sish. I like the music. It’s very well put together.  The guitars have a great sound; very groove filled.  The lyrics are pretty good too. They invoke a kind of power.

Conclusion: Music is good, lyrics are good. Like I said, it has a great funk feel to it.

Track#2:  I’ve got Soul

Initial Reactions:  Right away the horn sections give a disco feel. I don't really like it honestly. I have never been a fan of horns used in disco-ish music.  This song feels like it has a forced dance track vibe. The lyrics are a little cheesy. It’s just a little too much. I just keep picturing a 70’s car chase in a low budget flick.

Conclusion: If you like disco music, you might like this. I don't like it much personally. It has a great musical aesthetic, but it doesn't do it for me.

Track #3: You Can’t Stop Us

Initial Reactions: Has a very ‘Foxy Lady’ groove. Love the guitars and drums. They have a very interesting staggered pattern. The chorus is so Queen like! I like it! The lyrics are powerful and fun. This has a war anthem feel to it. I could see a crowd chanting to this. The musicianship in this song is amazing. It reminds of rock bands from the 70’s. This is so not typical of Hanson music, but wow, I love it!

Conclusion: Wonderfully arranged song. Love the lyrics and music. Overall great rock anthem. Like I said, not very Hanson like, but that is not a bad thing. Very different and refreshing.

Track #4: Get the Girl Back

Initial Reactions: Right of the gate the bass reminds me of some old-time Motown songs. I am hearing a cowbell.. it actually works. This song is like if old Motown and late 70’s rock got hot and heavy with each other and 9 months later this song was born. Tight harmonies and the horn section really works in this song. I like it a lot. The lyrics are a bit cheesy, but fun. This is one of those roll your windows down and jam kind of songs. 

Conclusion: Fun, great arrangement. This song is just really fun. That is the only way I can describe it. I could see a really grandly over the top dance arrangement for this.

Track #5: Juliet

Initial Reactions: This is very Maroon 5ish with the piano. I am not sure I like the chord progression, but the chorus makes up in an interesting pattern. I am not feeling the J-j-j-j-uliet. The bridge is nice. The vocals are great. Zac is a great singer, very powerful. The lyrics are a bit of a cheeky play on words.

Conclusion: Not my favorite so far. This song just doesn’t do it for me. Not a bad song, but not very inspired. 

Track #6: Already Home

Initial Reactions: Very poppy beginning. I like the organ in this, sounds good and fits. I feel like Hanson is trying all kinds of periods of music so far on this CD. This reminds me of an early 80’s rock song. The lyrics are pretty.

Conclusion: I like the chorus a lot. It’s different. This song, again, isn’t my favorite, but I like the vocals. This feels like another kind of anthem to me. I feel weird that I am writing that, but the music can only be described as anthemy.

Track #7: For Your Love

Initial Reactions: The guitar is very whimsical and plucky.  The lyrics are beautiful. This song is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t really like whatever sounds like a glockenspiel. I think it would have done with a piano better. Vocals are great. Issac’s voice is so soothing and inspired. The end has the piano I wanted.

Conclusion: Great song. Beautifully written.

Track #8: Lost Without You

Initial Reactions: Very churchy at first. This reminds me of something but I can’t place it. Again that old rock feel is there. This isn’t a ballad, but it has a medium tempo. The lyrics are good and the arrangement is really good. 

Conclusion: Very rock inspired. Great vocals, great lyrics, and great arrangement.

Track #9: Cut Right through Me

Initial Reactions: Very poppy sounding with some old rock influences.  This reminds of some old Hanson, but with some updated rock influence. I am not feeling the organ in this one.  I mean it fits, but I just don’t like the sound of it. Guitars are great in this one.

Conclusion: Fun and flavorful. I could see myself tapping the steering wheel to this.

Track #10: Scream and be Free

Initial Reactions: Uh, Oh.. this a crowd sing along track. Again, anthemy. It’s not lost on me why this album is called Anthem. I really like this song so far. Nice chords progressions. Fun and will be fun to sing along with when I know the lyrics.  This is one of those be free tracks. This is a wind-in-your-hair, hand gliding on the wind, first taste of summer, first love, first kiss, close your eyes and jump song. I never thought it would be okay for another Hanson song to have… OH OH OH’s in them. I was wrong.

Conclusion: Awesome song. Loved the pacing and even the OH OH OH’s

Track #11: Tragic Symphony

Initial Reactions: This is very “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” at first and then gets very Beegees/Flashdance . I don’t know about this one. It may grow on me, but I am not feeling it at all. 

Conclusion: I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Track #12: Tonight

Initial Reactions: Pretty piano. Pretty lyrics. I like the chorus. Medium tempo.  I like the feeling it’s conveying. Kind of hopeful and inspirational. Nice song.

Conclusion: Great song, written very well. 

Track #13: Save Me From Myself

Initial Reactions: Beautiful melody so far. Vocals are beautiful. Zac has such a haunting quality to his voice. Love the harmonies in the background. This is a gorgeous, beautifully well written song. I am not feeling the _________ insert name here (Amelia etc.) in the lyrics. I love the chord changes, you don’t expect where the melody takes you sometimes. Bridge is haunting and beautiful. 

Conclusion: This is my favorite song on the album. Just a gorgeous song.


This album really is an anthem. It will change the way you view Hanson music. It’s so different and refreshing. When I first listened to the previews of the songs, I pretty much hated every one of them. Having listened to them all fully, I am so pleasantly surprised I could puke rainbows. There is a lot of old rock influence in this album that I never expected. It’s funky and bold. It’s very different. If people weren’t convinced that Hanson was a rock band before, they will surely be now. This is a rock album. Not a rock album in the Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin way… No… this is a truly rock inspired album that takes a bite out of so many musical genres. Over all spectacular.

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