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# Bioshock Infinite
Tuesday, May 14, 2013 / permalink

I was really so excited to get into bioshock again. I loved the other two and the worlds were always stunning. This world was no different. The first time I got to see Columbia going down in an elevator, my breath literally caught and the sheer stunning beauty of it.

The colors are vibrant and everything is so artfully put together. The world is absolutely gorgeous. When you are first roaming around Columbia once you come out from underground, the whole world just sings with life. It was really fun to just stop and listen to some of the weird conversations that took place. Once everyone turns on you (naturally). Everything feels dead, where it once felt beautifully alive. While there are still some things going on in the world around you, it manages to feel empty and lonely even after you have Elizabeth.

The Gameplay

The gameplay is typical of a Bioshock game. You have all your crazy weapons and your vigors (plasmids). I felt like the vigors were really boring actually. The two I liked was the murder of crows and undertow. Murder of crows sends out this murder of crows lol, that attack your enemies. My other favorite was undertow. This allowed you to knock enemies off of Columbia using a shot of water. Once you upgraded it you could actually grab people with tentacles of water. One of things unique to this game is you are escorting a person. This person being Elizabeth. Rather she is escorting you it seems. At some point you get the ability to create tears where you can bring in objects from other dimensions. This allows you to get cover, weapons, and supplies. Elizabeth also throws you health, salt, and ammo. It is super useful when you need it.

All in all this game really left something to be desired. I felt like the game was supposed to have some huge message that just completely flew over my head. While the game was beautiful and the story elaborate, I just felt like it wasn't enough. It felt dull and without heart. I know a lot of people believe the sun rises on this bioshock installment, but it just wasn't that great for me.

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