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# I don't need a designer part #1: Bold Styles
Thursday, May 16, 2013 / permalink

So I have been roaming around the interwebs and I am so disgusted by the prices of some designers. I won't name any, but I want to help facilitate people to do for themselves! I understand not everyone is tech savvy, but I want to help you guys out. So this is part #1 in, I don't need a designer!

The first thing I want to focus on are BOLD STYLES.

Are you tired of stupid old black bold styles? Guess what?? You can style that yourself. Check out these mildly cool bold styles below:

So how do you do that?? EASY PEASY my friends.

Check out this code below, I am going to show you how to use it and add styles to it!


First things first. Let's go over what is in the above code:

Color:#fe75bc;     ---  It's the color of the bold! I know it's not that surprising given the word "color".
font-weight:bold; -----  This is how the text shows up.

Colors can be changed to any color your little heart desires. First I am going to copy the code into my notepad++ which is totally free! I use this so I can edit the variables.

This style can be added without you even having to go into the HTML-- Just navigate to


Now I am going to paste in my style into the "CUSTOM CSS" box, right now it is blank, but you will see it won't be in a minute.

Now that we know we can change the bold style, let's play with it! Say for example I want blue text and a background  color behind the bold text. First I will pick a color. You can do this using http://www.colorpicker.com. I have chosen this blue color #2481e9 and a black background


These are just a couple of the many variables you can try. Here are some ideas on how you can change it!

Background Color


ALWAYS end a property with a semi-colon.

For example

background-color#fff; <--- semicolon

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