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Saturday, August 17, 2013 / permalink
Finally my summer classes are done and I must say that summer classes are the freaking worst. 4 months is condensed into 2 months and it's tough. I passed 2 out of the 3 classes I took. I would normally be super disappointed in myself for not passing one of my classes, but the way the teacher did the course was one of the laziest and half hearted attempts at teaching ever. All the points in the term came from tests and that was silly. I didn't even take the final exam because there was no chance for me. I know not to have that professor again though. ANYWAYS. I am excited because we are going to Denmark for Christmas this year. We went there for summer last year and my husband gets to be there for Christmas. This will be my 3rd Christmas there, so I am super excited. I am already making a list of stuff I need to get before we go.

This fantastically silly airplane cushion is amazing!!

I am totally getting this cushion. It's amazing. I need my privacy on a 9 hour flight.

I am also getting a passport cover. I always feel so awkward  flashing my USA passport around in foreign countries. In fact they even advise against flashing it around lol. So I am still trying to decide between these two:

I am thinking about the cat one because it reminds me of my cat who died Purrty. I dunno though!! Still deciding! I am also gonna get a new luggage tag. Traveling to Europe 4 times really makes you hyper aware of your travelling needs!

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