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# Sad sad :( R.I.P. Ryan Davis
Monday, July 8, 2013 / permalink

So here's the thing, for the past 5 years at every meal my husband and I have listened to, or watched GiantBomb podcasts and videos. Mostly every one of those had this man. We didn't know him. We weren't friends, but we shared in his life and love for video games. He made us laugh and we loved listening to him and the Giant Bomb crew. He was just married last week, which makes this even more devastating. It's not going to be the same without him. I am so sad for his family, friends, and new wife.

Giant Bomb posted this:

Ryan Davis passed away on July 3rd. He was 34.
Obviously we’re all stunned over here. Ryan was a good friend to all of us. It’s odd to remember that, for someone who could be so acerbic at times, and despite knowing him for almost a decade, I honestly don’t recall ever actually being mad at him. He had an unconventional type of kindness that expressed itself more strongly the longer one knew him, and despite his teasing nature, he always managed to make his close friends feel loved when his attention turned towards you.
Many of you know that Ryan was recently married. In the face of this awfulness, many of us will at least always remember him as we last saw him: outrageously, uproariously happy, looking forward to his next adventure with the biggest grin his face could hold.
The consolation we can feel from that is miniscule compared to the hole that Ryan’s absence will leave in our lives. That’s not a hole that is possible to fill; it’s just something that we’ll just have to get used to walking around with, and that will not happen for a long, long time. via. GiantBomb

It's a weird thing to be grieving someone you never met, but there it is. I have been bummed all day since learning the news. My hearts just breaks for all those close to him. R.I.P man.

Harmonix posted this on twitch which is really fun to watch.

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