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# Author Spotlight: Veiled Secrets By MaryLynn Bast
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Veiled Secrets

Title: Veiled Secrets
Author: MaryLynn Bast
Series: Heart of a Wolf Series (Novella)
   { Seriana’s Tale}
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolves
Publisher: Werewolf Tails Publishing
Release Date: July 27, 2012
Edition/ Formats Available In: Print & Ebook (Kindle)

  Seriana Aphenithea, Princess of the Light Loxy Realm has been banned. Why?  She can’t remember. She must find her way, and her memories, if she is ever to return home.
Waking with no memory of whom or where she is, Seriana runs for her life when two beings chase her through the forest. Glowing eyes stares out at her through the darkness. Sending a mental call for help and in response, two wolves emerge.
While protecting her from the hunters who intend to do her harm, one of the wolves becomes fatally injured. Acting on instinct, Seriana merges her energies with his, saving his life. Connecting her mentally to the human the wolf turned in to. Adam and Blake are werewolves. Surprisingly this does to scare her. In fact, it triggers the beginning of her memories. She has been to the earth realm before.
With her no longer allowed to enter her own realm, Seriana must find a way to safeguard her family in the Light Realm and on earth. She has to protect those around her by ensuring no one finds out her VEILED SECRETS.  

Questions Answered by MaryLynn

How do you come up with your characters?

My characters just seem to come to me.  Sometimes in a dream, while driving, even sitting and talking with someone.  I usually have an idea of what I want them to be, but the specifics are created during the writing process.

Is there a specific type of character you love writing?

I absolutely love wolves and would happily be the alpha female over a pack if I could get away with it in Vegas.  Since I can't I settle for writing about werewolves instead.

Is there a character you want to write, but are too afraid what people will think?

Good question.  I'm not really afraid of what people will think.  If they like the character that's great.  If not, sorry, hope they like the next one.

Do you have a writing ritual? ( i.e. listening to music, cup of tea etc.) 

I can write just about anywhere.  In a busy airport (which is most common) or in my office where I turn the tv on for background noise.  While home I tend to be on Skype with my best friend, talking and writing at the same time.  We have lulls in our conversation when we both engrossed in what we ate doing, then we come out talking again like we never stopped.

Excerpt 1

You are banned from this realm,” the woman’s voice whispered sadly a moment before a big flash of light blinded her and then everything went black.
Lying on the ground she felt heavy, as if from a pressure of someone sitting on her chest, weighing her down. Struggling to suck in a deep breath, it felt strange. This was not her natural form, nor was it her world. But she had no idea where, or for that matter who, she was. Her memory was totally gone except for those whispered words still echoing through her mind.
Something had awakened her and there it was again, cold and shiny poking hard against her side. Stirring on the cold ground, her head whipped around. Two forms moved closer. Blinking rapidly to clear the haze from her vision, the black shapes began to show in a vivid patchwork of colors.
Whoever or whatever they were, one of the forms jabbed at her again. The sounds they made were strange, yet familiar. When she batted the object away, it laughed and continued to harass her. The auras around the beings were mixed with darker colors and the bright shades of red spiraling throughout were alarming. He reached for her.
Scrambling to her feet, she tried to move away, but was not quick enough. A hand grabbed hold of her arm. Pulling her roughly to him, his face lowered towards hers, he sneered, “What have we here?”
She’d heard the language before, human. She tried to turn her face away to avoid the horrible stench of the man’s breath when he kept talking.
His hand grabbed hold of her jaw and held her still. His grizzled face smiling, he looked down at her. His other hand began to slide slowly down her back.
Before he could go any further than her shoulder blade, she shoved with all her strength and sent the man stumbling, yelling loudly as he fell to the ground.
The other man shouted and lunged at her with a menacing look on his face.
Releasing a terrified scream, she took off running. The darkness was disorienting, but she ran anyway, tripping over brush and tree roots. Then suddenly her eyes began to adjust and she could see plainly. Tiny bits of memories seeped through her mind of being in this place before. The tall, thick pine trees meant she was in the forest of the human realm, being chased by two hunters. The shiny thing was their rifle and they were hunting her! Sucking in a frantic breath, she heard them crashing through the brush behind her.

My Review of Veiled Secrets

I got a chance to read this for this tour. I have been lacking on reading from indie's, but I must say, MaryLynn is awesome. Her story had me glued from the beginning. Bast has created this world that is so tangible and characters that live and breathe all on their own. If you love books with a paranormal twist and great pacing, check out Bast's books! One of many things I thought was cool, is how well Bast knows her characters. You read so many books where authors just flail around with half formed characters, not MaryLynn! She knows them like they were her very own blood. Seriana is an awesome character who has a good heart and knowing her story is really cool. I can't wait to see more from this VERY hardworking author. Thanks for the opportunity to read this! P.S. It's short too, so it fit right into my schedule :D

About MaryLynn

MaryLynn Bast moved to Las Vegas in 2010. As a consultant with a contractor for the US Military, she travels from base to base across the country and around the world. MaryLynn enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. In her free time she writes paranormal fantasies and erotica.

Where Can You Find MaryLynn?

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