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# Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Review
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 / permalink

Okay saw this the other night. I just want to say that up until this point I have not really been all that impressed with the movies. I liked the books A LOT when I did not know better.I still enjoy the books, but I found as time has progressed, the writing is not that great. I am not going to go into detail about what the movie is about, obviously we know what it's about. The very first thing that scared the living crap out of me was the CGI baby in this movie. I mean good GOD. It was the scariest thing. They seriously couldn't have used a real baby? I have seen really cute real babies in movies. This one was terrifying. Here... here is a picture.

I know this doesn't do the horror I speak of justice. When you see it move-- it's down right spine tingling! So moving on. You would think that with how much money this crap has made, they would have gotten better vampire movements, wolf transformations, and death by decapitations. I have seen better effects in an 80's horror flick. It just looked bad. On the other hand, Edward's and Bella's sex was cozy, but not the bodice ripping, cleaving chest, stuff I was looking for.I know, I know, I am a pervert. But it was lame. Like lame PG-13 lame... I don't know the whole movie just left me with an 'Eh' feeling. It was easily forgettable. It wasn't like the last Harry Potter movie. I mean there where parts where I wanted to cheer and cry, but this? I was like man I have to pee... when is this done? It was just a very boring film. There was one part where Bella had to admire herself sparkling... come on now... come on...

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