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# Baby You're A Firework
Sunday, February 3, 2013 / permalink
I have been totally slacking doing anything. I have a blog design to finish, but school has been keeping me busy. I think I will finish it tonight. I having trouble coming up with a background. I also get paranoid that people will think my designs suck. I know that's dumb, but well, there it is lol.

Cool Thing's I Learned/Discovered This Week

<-----This guy. HIs name is Matisyahu and he was in The Possession. I looked him up because I wondered if he was a real singer. I did, I LOVE his music. I was like oh man. It's very Jason Mrazish in some way. It's smooth. I have been very into groovy mellow music these days. Not to mention he is a beatboxer, and I love that shit. I always find myself watching beatboxing competitions on Youtube.

Jen Dies On Dawson's Creek!?

I was an avid Dawson's Creek watcher in my day. I was looking up trivia on the show and I find out Jen DIES! How did I not know this?? WTF? Eff you Dawson's Creek. Eff you. Thank goodness Michelle Williams is still alive.

I spent $80 on a textbook I don't think we will use

Eff you college... eff you.

Going to NKOTB, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men

Me the Amber's from Awesomesauce Bookclub, and an old friend are going to see NKOTB in June AGAIN. Honestly I am more excited about seeing Boyz II Men. I had such a crush on the lead singer guy.. the one with the glasses.

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