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# TV Review: American Horror Story Asylum
Saturday, January 26, 2013 / permalink

I wanted to wait until this whole season was over to do a review. I just want to start by saying that American Horror Story is one of my favorite shows. It is just so out there. Here are some of the characters I liked in this show.

What I liked

I loved that this show has so many different themes. You find yourself going.. What the hell is going on? I like that about shows. I mean there are so many of those moments that it makes you wonder is there is a central theme. I don't know, but the show leaves you to interpret EVERYTHING. I think it's all about perspective.

Sister Jude played by Jessica Lange

This season takes place in an insane asylum called BriarCliff. It is run by the church. They have a crazy head nun, Sister Jude. Sister Jude is played by Jessica Lange and if there were book dedicated to underrated actors, her picture would be there. She is just SO GOOD in this show. She is one of the most beautiful and versatile older women in Hollywood. Hell, just skip the older woman part. She is awesome for any actress. The transformation her character goes through in this season as Sister Jude is stunning. She can be the cruelest of people and yet be this soft gentle person. She just does such an amazing job. I wish I could write for hours about this character. There is no one side to her. You will hate her and love her.

Kit Walker played by Evan Peters

I love Evan Peters. He plays a man who is accused of being a serial killer and is put into the care of Briarcliff.  for the murder of his wife Alma and many other women. He maintains his innocence. Evan Peters is also so versatile. He can truly play anything. I don't know if it's his seemingly black eyes that do it, but he can play sinister and sweet. I can't wait to see more from him.

Lana Winters played by Sarah Paulson

Lana is a reporter who wants a story on the serial killer who has been confined to Briarcliff, Kit Walker. Her curiosity gets her thrown into the asylum. When her school teacher girlfriend is threatened to be outed to the public as a lesbian, she is bullied into signing the papers for Lana to locked up. I like Sarah Paulson in this show, although to me she wasn't the most compelling character. Her character Lana Winters sure does find herself in some crazy situations though. From being held captive and being raped to trying to abort with a coat hanger, her time in and out of the asylum is nothing but normal.

Dr. Oliver Thredson played by Zachary Quinto

Are there a pair of more sinister eyebrows in Hollywood? Quinto seriously plays one of the best  switch characters in everything. He can do sweet and oh boy can he do scary. Dr. Thredson is the resident therapist for supposed serial killer Kit Walker at Briarcliff. He has a bit of dark history of his own. His character is one of the best in the show.

With themes like possession, alien abduction, Nazi's and human experiments, how on earth can you not be a little compelled to watch this show? Seriously, if you haven't watched it, do so now. It's worth it!

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